I was introduced to the auction through a friend who had experience purchasing sports memorabilia through the Auction Network in the past. I was looking for Manny Pacquiao memorabilia for a gift and found it difficult to find from vendors that I was able to trust online. I was able to get in touch with Ryan, one of the sons of this family run business and I told him what I was looking for over the phone and he told me to come by in a week and he would have some stuff for me to come by and see. When I came up, I was not disappointed. Even though I told Ryan that I was only expecting one piece; Ryan, his father Allen, and his brother Zach had set up the auction with so many choices that seemed to be hand picked just for me. There was a ton of Pacquiao memorabilia that were unique, professionally framed, and at really great prices. I’ve never took part in an auction before but the Auction network team were engaging, exciting, and fun to watch. Overall, great items, great price, and a great experience all around!
Francis Portugal
You have the best auction that I have been involved with , your service is fantastic, your people are nice to correspond to , and I have not a single neg thing to say about you people . Keep up the good work , and I hope to have a win tomorrow. thank you Marshall
Marshall A Barclay
I have had the opportunity to deal with auction network many times over the last couple of years , you will not find a better family or company to deal with anywhere, they auction many different items multiple times a week and they make buying from Auction Network an EXCELLENT experience in all aspects. The support staff are always ready to help with any questions you might have, so if you have time stop in and visit Allen and his sons ,they will make you feel welcome and you will have a wonderful experience the same as my wife and I had. You can buy in confidence as I have many times … thanks Auction Network I wish I could give 10 stars thanks
I just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with how fast you get the items to the shipper . All of the items I have received from your shipper have been packaged safe and secure. The shipper works fast and efficient and does a fantastic job. Thank you for your awesome auctions and for the quality services that you provide with your auctions. You have the best auctions going . thank you keep up the awesome work!!
Dillan Marshall Barclay
Love everything about the Auction Network. They are excellent to deal with and am looking forward to experiencing another auction in person. I see them every week in my house and love the items we receive. Definitely FIVE STARS!
Myrna Chafe
I have purchased a number of coins, bills and sports memorabilia over the last couple years and have always received excellent service from the auctioneer’s to the women in the back which are amazing and so helpful. It is a great and easy place to purchase from and will always fix and issue. Keep up the great work.
Ryan Martin
I have been with this auction house since the beginning and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. I have been both a buyer and seller, so I have had the pleasure of dealing with them in each situation. Allen, Ryan and Zach are always helpful and professional. They took care of my consigned items and made the process easy for me. I have been to many auctions in my life and this is by far my favourite. There are always quality items for sale and I have yet to attend an auction that I did not like. They are all very skilled auctioneers and are able to get through a massive amount of items in a short period of time. I have had the pleasure to meet them in person and they are great guys. Anytime there has been a problem, they are quick to find a resolution. I will continue to buy and sell from them for years to come as there is no other auction that even compares. I would recommend them to anybody!
Adam Levoy
I have been participating in many of the Auction Networks Auctions, I have received a lot of top quality items at great prices . The choices have been second to none , and their customer service is excellent . The auction company has different payment options that make it easy to pay for the items won in the auction. The shipping is done immediately by a caring and professional company that cares about how your items arrive. If your thinking about trying the Auction Network , go for it , I highly recommend this company . It is nice to know that there is still a few auction houses that are honest and have integrity. Thank you” Auction Network.