Movie Posters Added to Netflix Auction on Sunday!

At Auction Network we are thrilled to announce that starting this Sunday we will be launching a series of ten auctions dedicated solely to items from your favourite Netflix tv shows and movies! We have acquired thousands of props from some of your favourite shows – from clothing to furniture we will be auctioning of incredible items for a fraction of their original price.

This week we took delivery of numerous posters for a number of classic films and blockbuster movies. Movie posters have long been an item of fascination for people and it is easy to see why. Original movie posters packed a lot of punch – it was the only way theatre owners and movie producers could advertise what was playing. These visual masterpieces often told complex stories highlighting the plot of the movie with minimal text. Original movie posters weren’t thought of as masterpieces – they were changed whenever the movie changed at the theatre.

As more modern media – such as tv advertisements and newspaper ads for movies – took off in the 1950’s the impact of movie posters started to lessen. Photography meant that hand drawn and painted posters also started to dissipate. Starting in the 1960’s people began to realize the value of these posters as it was becoming a dying art – and collecting began.

Movie posters can add a fun pop of pop culture to any room as they are works of art in their own right and printed to the highest quality. Measuring 17” x 24” our posters are a combination of classic old movies (Gone with the Wind), blockbusters (Jaws) to your favourite film (Star Wars). The fascinating thing about movie posters is that production companies often commissioned two, three or even four versions to promote the same film. The style, imagery and even text on these posters would change. At Auction Network we are lucky to be auctioning some of the most interesting versions of these posters.

When looking to purchase a movie poster at auction there are many reasons to collect these stellar pieces. Many people feel a nostalgic collection to their favourite movie as a kid, some even collect movie posters as an extension of an established collecting interest (Star Wars for example). Some collectors pursue a specific genre of movie – like westerns, horror movies or comedies.  Others collect them due to a deep appreciation of their graphic and artistic merit. Movie posters are also a great addition to a family room or kids bedroom. No matter what you collect your movie poster collection is a reflection of you and something to be treasured for many years.

Below is a selection of movie posters you can bid for now!

If you are a music fan you will probably be interested in our Beatles film posters. Here’s one which is an incredible example of 1960’s graphic design and a nice, fun poster which would look great in any room! It is for the Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night (lot 3041).

MOVIE POSTER - TV & MOVIE PROPS AUCTIONIf you are a classic movie fan then nothing gets better than this incredible poster we have for Gone with the Wind (lot 3032). There are countless versions of posters for this classic film. The version we have on auction is one of the rarer and earliest versions.


Perhaps no movie franchise is more popular than Star Wars. And we are pleased to have a version of the poster for the third instalment of the franchise – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (lot 3029). This poster is a fantastic example of visual storytelling.



We have many more movie props on sale this Sunday at our TV Show & Movie Props Auction. If you are interested in high quality fashion items for men or women then you will want to check out this auction! Have you every been watching Netflix and seen an outfit on your favourite actor or actress? Well we’ve been lucky enough to acquire hundreds of items worn by actors on these shows. From winter coats, to blouses to slacks we have something for everyone. Many of these items are of the highest quality and only gently used. We are selling leading brands including: Lululemon, Zara and Ralph Lauren.


Another feature of our incredible TV Show & Movie Props Auction is jewellery. Costume designers and prop masters of tv shows and movies scour the country’s best stores and boutiques to find just the right pieces for their actors to wear. We have the most contemporary jewellery on auction with pieces from Nordstrom and Jenny Bird. We have rings, earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces, handmade pieces and watches for men and women on auction. With over 100 items you won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity.


We also have other lots including household items, lamps, furniture and even Christmas decorations! When we say we have something for everyone we mean it. Bidding has already started and the auction begins soft closing at 7:30PM EST on Sunday October 30. Check out to view items and start bidding!






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