Most EXCITING Auction Series of the Year – Bidding Open Now!

Film & TV Props, Set Decorations and Actor Wardrobes




Auction Network is thrilled to announce one of the year’s most exciting auctions coming up on Sunday October 30, 2022, at 7:00PM EST. Exclusive items as seen on Netflix and various tv shows and movies are now available! This auction will be a unique buying experience with something for everyone. If you’ve ever seen something on your favourite Netflix show or movie and thought ‘how can I get that?’, well wait no further! Auction Network will be selling over 10,000 items from your favourite shows and movies over a series of 10 auctions. This special auction series starts Sunday October 30!

Toronto is home to the filming of countless tv shows and movies. From your favourite Netflix show to the most recent blockbuster, Toronto hosts film crews from all over the world throughout the year. One of the great advantages of this is that we have a prop industry like no other. Once the filming of these tv shows and movies ends there is always a large amount of props leftover. While some may be put into storage to use on future productions others can be placed up for auction. Auction Network was thrilled to take possession recently of over 10,000 items. From shows like Locke & Key, Nurses, Good Sam and Clarice we have items from dozens of tv shows and movie productions.

So, what can you expect from our upcoming auction? There is literally something for everyone at this auction. Just think of your favourite Netflix show – all the actors are wearing clothes for their character and are in spaces full of furniture. Well, ALL of these types of items will be on offer at our upcoming auction. The incredible thing about the clothes we have on sale is that they are of the highest quality, only gently used and the prices are drastically lower than you’d find anywhere else. And did we mention the brand names? Clothing and costumes for tv shows are from the best brands in the country. At our auction on Sunday October 30 at 7:30PM EST we have items from: Ann Taylor, Zara, Lululemon, Rag & Bone, Ralph Lauren, Frank & Oak, Adrienne Vittadini and Annette Lapore to name a few. There are clothes for men, women and even maternity wear!

One of the truly ‘hidden jewels’ of this auction is the jewellery. Netflix and movie productions employ the best costumers who take great pride to make sure all the accessories on the main characters – from earrings to rings to watches – are perfect for the character. At our upcoming auction we have the most contemporary and on-trend jewellery. We have earrings from top designers like Jenny Bird, to pieces from Swarovski and items from Nordstrom. There are also men’s watches from Bulova! One of the most interesting aspects of buying items used on Netflix tv shows and movies is that many of the jewellery pieces are handmade for a specific character. So, if you are looking for something one of a kind and truly unique check out this auction!

We have many items beyond clothes and jewellery. We have numerous pieces of furniture ‘as seen on tv’! From nightstands to lamps you are sure to find something interesting at this auction. The end tables we have on sale are of high quality solid oak and the lamps are both contemporary and more historical – so depending on your style you are most likely to find something you and your family like. There are also numerous kitchen items available – we have knife blocks (with knives), toaster ovens, ceramic grills, glassware to name a few of the items. There are also boxes of various items for sale – from a box of desk lamps to a box of Christmas decorations – these boxes are a great value.

People who are Prop Masters on tv shows and movies scour cities for weeks to find the perfect items they need. Our upcoming auction series saves YOU the time of visiting countless stores! These items have already been chosen and curated by the top Prop Masters in the business. From antique stores to vintage shops, to the most contemporary fashion houses our auction covers off items for everyone.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone this auction might be perfect for you. There are handmade silver boxes, artwork, handmade jewellery, posters and various items you simply can’t find anywhere else. And if you are in the tv and film industry we might just have the best items you need for your next production!

Bidding is already open for this fantastic auction. Go to:–EXCLUSIVE-ITEMS-AS-SEEN-ON-NETFLIX to check out the items and start bidding!