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Elvis Presley is still regarded by many as one of the most important cultural icons in modern history. During his three-decade-long career, The King dominated music, film, television, fashion and American culture.

Born on January 8th, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley came from very humble beginnings. By the time Elvis entered his early 20’s he was quickly becoming a cultural icon. At the time of his death at 42 in 1977 Elvis had established himself as arguably the biggest name in popular music history and his influence is still felt today.

It was in 1955 that Elvis Presley’s career spiked to the next level with the release Heartbreak Hotel, his first number one hit on US radio charts. Elvis had it all and fans were drawn to his unusual music style, gyrating hips and movie star looks. It was during this time that Paramount Pictures signed the young star to a movie contract. Elvis soon found a home in American living rooms by appearing on top rated television shows of the time including his famous appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Nothing could slow the King down in the 1950’s, not even a draft notice that sent him overseas to serve in Germany for about a year and a half. Elvis combined his music with film in such hits as GI Blues, Blue Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls! and Viva Las Vegas.

Elvis fought back against criticisms that his popularity was weakening by launching widely successful TV specials to end the 1960’s. Audiences were especially impressed by his 1968 TV special often referred to by fans as the ’68 Comeback’ show. Fans were memorized by Presley’s talents as a vocalist and guitarist.

Drug and health issues haunted Elvis through the 1960’s in 1970’s. A growing addiction to pain killers and a constant battle against weight gain hurt Elvis both personally and professionally. His destructive lifestyle and preference for excess caused him multiple hospital visits. The worst was feared by many close to Elvis by the time he played what would turn out to be his final concert on June 1977, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sometime during the morning of August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died from heart failure, at the young age of 42. The world mourned his passing and to this day some theorize that Elvis’ death was an elaborate hoax.

Even death didn’t weaken Elvis Presley’s brand. Thousands of fans flock to Graceland yearly to see the famous Presley home firsthand. His music is still played on radio stations around the world and some of modern music’s most famous artists often cite him as a key musical influence.

Many fans have turned to collecting Elvis Presley memorabilia to remember the King. Collecting Elvis Presley memorabilia is one of the most exciting hobbies to take on and there’s lots of room for financial gain. Elvis was everywhere in the mid-20th Century and thousands of items were produced with Presley’s likeness. With such a diverse selection of Elvis memorabilia on today’s market, it’s fair to say that every Elvis Presley memorabilia collection is truly unique.

Some common items typically found in an Elvis Presley memorabilia collection include:

Elvis Presley Photographs: Elvis was one of the most photographed people of his time. There is a wide range of options in this Elvis collection category with various degrees of quality and value. Collecting Elvis Presley photographs allow the collector the ability to chronicle the King’s career from his humble beginnings at Sun Records to sell out shows in Las Vegas during the later portion of his career.

Elvis Presley Autographed Memorabilia – To this day, an Elvis Presley autograph is something that holds a lot of value for collectors; both in terms of money and emotion. It’s important to ensure Elvis autographs are legitimate and come with a recognized Certificate of Authenticity. Some of the most commonly autographed Elvis items include records, photos and posters.

Elvis Records – It’s estimated that Elvis Presley recorded over 200 records during his lifetime. Most were produced by RCA, while five early recordings were released by Sun Records. There are various record formats on the market including 78’s, 33’s LP (long play), 33’s and 45’s. The sound on these records is diverse with rock, gospel, blues, country, gospel and even Christmas albums.

Miscellaneous Elvis Presley Memorabilia – Collectors of Elvis Presley memorabilia will find that there is truly something for everyone. Some of these items are extremely valuable such as concert-worn jumpsuits and also odd one like an Elvis dental crown that once sold at auction. Our Toronto Elvis Presley memorabilia auction has lots of interesting Elvis memorabilia such as Elvis tins, glasses, tickets, posters, sculptures and lots of other items that any Elvis collector would love to add to their collection.

At the Auction Network, we’re extremely excited to host one of our biggest auctions to date, our Elvis Presley Collection auction. Bid on hundreds of items from a private collection. This will surely be one of the best online Elvis memorabilia auctions seen in recent time. We have a wide range of items to bid on such as 45 rpm records, photos, figurines, plates, vintage posters and countless other Elvis Presley memorabilia items.

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