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Collecting Banknotes – Building a Beautiful and Valuable Collection From Paper Money Auctions

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Collecting banknotes allows you to collect a valuable item that can take you around the world from the comfort of your own home. Many note collectors are attracted to the notion of exploring different cultures, countries and history through their collection of paper money.

We specialize in offering some of the most exciting paper money auctions in Toronto and throughout the country. Every auction allows us an opportunity to present bidders with a vast selection of banknotes. Many find paper money to have a unique beauty, colour and artistic expression.

Our goal is to truly try to offer something that fits for any currency collection. Typically, we focus on offering high demand paper money items such as historic Canadian and international bills, rare banknotes and paper bills in high denominations.

Essentially, if it’s collectible and interesting, you’ll probably find it on our auction block. We find the greatest interest in obsolete, fractionals, errors, colonials and confederate banknotes. These items connect collectors to another time.

Some of the most exciting collectibles are obsolete paper bills. These obsolete paper banknotes no longer have any face value. Typically, these currencies were printed by private institutions that were not associated with a government. Many of these bills were issues by private American and Canadian banks in the 19th Century. The growth potential on obsolete currencies is very exciting, these paper banknotes can be extremely rare. It can be hard to price such bills due to their rarity, auctions are a great way to add obsolete bills at a strong value.

Misprinted currency bills are another hot-selling collectible at our paper money auctions. Condition is a very important factor for misprinted bill collectors. A common misprinted banknote in good condition will typically fetch hundreds of dollars on the auction block. The ideal collectible is a misprint on an already rare and valuable banknote. Extremely rare and unusual, such a bill can sell for huge amounts of money in an auction.

We auction off many Canadian paper bills to customers. Canadian banknotes can be excellent collector pieces, especially those printed before 1936. Again, the best banknotes are both rare and are in excellent condition. These bills can sell for thousands of dollars very easily. Also, the detailed artwork on these bills provides an excellent historical commentary on our nation’s monarch, past prime ministers and scenery. The international paper bill collecting community is now taking notice of our own historical currency. This is resulting in an exciting market with strong demand and growing values.

Today, the banknote collecting community is growing at quick pace. Collectors are attracted to the notion of buying paper money as a beautiful collectible, as a sound investment, or both. Values of paper money continue to increase making many personal collections very valuable and marketable.

Paper banknote collecting is one of the most exciting collectible markets. It’s an attractive option for all age groups and income levels. The cost of entry can be very low, while more active collectors will find excitement in adding more valuable and rare bills to their collections.

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