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History of Roman Empire Coins

Ancient Roman CoinsCoins tell a story. They instantly connect us to the past, to ancient civilizations and faraway lands. Experienced coin collectors take pride in their collections and the tales their coins provide. Every collection is unique and buyers tend to be very active.

Some of the most exciting coins come from the ancient Roman era. These coins are beautiful artifacts of a time that shaped much of our modern life and formed the foundation of our political systems. Coins from the ancient Roman period are visually stunning. The attention to detail, remarkable toning and accents make these pieces a highlight in many collections.

Unlike today’s coins, ancient roman coins were struck and made by hand by people who have long since passed. Each coin is truly unique from any other. This connection appeals to both serious and casual coin collectors.

Historians generally believe that the Roman Empire began utilizing coins for currency in the late 4th Century BCE. These coins first found use in the cradle of the empire in modern-day Italy. As the borders of the Roman Empire grew so did the use of coins throughout the civilization. During its peak the Roman Empire covered much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The empire was extremely diverse, with each region featuring its own unique culture. A strong and universal currency system allowed a the Roman economy to grow and join together the various regions and people across the empire for eight centuries.

The ever-evolving Roman economy caused coinage denominations and values to change throughout the years.  Common coins such as the sestertii and denarii would remain staples in Roman currency and are therefore some of the most sought after coins by collectors throughout the world. The commonly used coin in the empire was the bronze coin. Coins are typically taken at face amounts, they were not weighed and their material content did not factor into value. Currency was ingrained in everyday Roman life, they provided the average person the ability to quickly express exact prices for goods and services.

Ancient Roman coins did more than serve as currency. The striking images and portraits communicated power and strength throughout the empire. Busts of legendary rulers such as Julius Caesar, ancient gods and goddesses connected citizens to their monarch and religion. All of which were key elements in keeping the empire unified.

Millions of coins were produced during empire’s dominance. Coins are constantly being unearthed in archaeological sites throughout the former empire’s lands and seas. The large amount of Roman Empire coins provides collectors with the ability to build very interesting collections. Prices of coins will vary greatly depending on rarity, metal materials, condition and age. Common bronze coinage can be very affordable and are excellent pieces for beginners wanting to build a collection. Rare coins made of materials such as gold are much more valuable and desirable throughout the coin community.

In many ways Ancient Roman Coins are closest thing we have to a time machine. These unique and valuable artifacts serve a souvenirs to times long past when figures such as Alexander the Great, Constantine, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra walked the earth.

At the Auction Network, we too are coin lovers. We take a lot of pride in the great selection of Roman Empire coins we’re able to auction off every week. Each auction will feature a diverse selection of Ancient Roman coins suitable for both casual collectors and museum grade collections. We look forward to seeing you at the auction!



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