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Auctions are an avenue to find the one-of-a-kind collectibles you were looking for or thought you would never find; coins, banknotes, jewellery, artwork and much more! We live in a new online world and it certainly is not possible to be at or travel to the tens of thousands of auction houses that are out there. If there is one thing that online auctions give to you, it is flexibility. You can now bid on the items you want from the comforts of your home, office, summer house or any mobile device! But how does one master the art of bidding in online auctions? We have read your emails, taken your phone calls and have compiled a list a key tips and advice for Auction Network’s loyal customers.

1.Research what you are interested in, even if it is a quick google search

Simply put – do your homework. Google is quick, very quick! Understand what you are interested in. While fair market value is determined through the auction process, it doesn’t hurt to take a quick look at what is out there that may be similar. That said, you have to understand what is similar. Spend a little bit of time gathering some knowledge and satisfy yourself as your own expert. Education is your most powerful weapon in all facets of life. We also suggest taking advantage of the photos and description of the item. If a lot has 20 or more photos attached to it, maybe we want you to see something? If there are only 2 photos, maybe this is all there is to see? We are not in the business of fooling you – if there is something important you should know about an item or something a photo may not show you very well, we are going to include in the description. If it is up for sale, it is your first time seeing the lot and you can type fast, ask us through the chat and we will do our best to help you out.

2. Set a realistic maximum bid, and stick to it

What is the lot worth to you? Set a realistic maximum bid before the sale in your mind and stick with that maximum. What is not realistic? – a maximum bid of $300 on a $1000 banknote. In choosing your realistic maximum bid, it is important to understand how the auction house handles payment and shipping. Know that there is a buyers premium, taxes where applicable and shipping charges. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer any of them. The moral of the story is – keep within your budget!

3. Participate live online, real-time, with real auctioneers

We are pleased to offer this to all of our loyal bidders across the globe. The odds of winning your lot are increased significantly if you are bidding live, in real-time. You are welcome to join Auction Network live in-person at our studio or bid live, online, real-time with video/audio feed. If you have attended our sale in the past, you will know that we are there to move out the items, quickly and efficiently. When possible, log in online, watch us live with video/audio and communicate with us via the chatroom. If you see similar items are selling for a little more one day, you can update your bid as necessary. “Once you experience a live/online auction with video and audio – you will be hooked!” – Steve W.

4. Don’t hesitate, be confident when bidding

Let’s re-visit a line from above – “If you have attended our sale in the past, you will know that we are there to move out the items, quickly and efficiently.” We move at an Auction Network pace, so if you have your heart on something, bid without hesitation. “Get your bids in quick folks!” One last thing, waiting for ‘last call’ to appear before bidding isn’t a bid that is filled with confidence.

5. Have fun!

We strive to make your experience at Auction Network fun and exciting as should all auction houses. We encourage you to join us in-person or live online with audio/video feed. We love interacting with all of you from across the globe in real-time, it is what we enjoy most (and chanting of course…). The chatroom is an environment for our auctioneers and yourselves – use it to your fullest advantage.



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